Chinese Digital Game Research 2019 Conference

Location: Conference Room 1, Jingshi Hotel,Beijing Normal University(BNU)

Time: August 17th – 18th, 2019


Department of Digital Media, School of Arts and Communication,

Beijing Normal University

Conference Website:

Conference Venue and Locations:

1. 京师大厦Jingshi Hotel:the major conference venue. It is located on the south-eastern corner of the campus of Beijing Normal University and can be accessed directly from the outside.

The Address in Chinese is  北京市海淀区新街口外大街19号, Tel:(010)58802288.

2. 兰惠餐厅Lanhui Restaurant:lunch venue for day 2. It is located near the small west gate of Beijing Normal University and it’s inside the campus.

The address in Chinese is 北京海淀区新街口外大街19号北京师范大学兰惠公寓2楼(近杏坛路), Tel: (010)58807151.

3.北师大艺术与传媒学院数字媒体系Department of Digital Media: Organizer, located near the west gate of Beijing Normal University.

Presentation Issues:

  1. The presentation time allowance for each speaker is 20 minutes, where we advise 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q & A.
  2. We understand that there will always be last-minute changes to your ppt slides, so we will not collect them beforehand. We will have volunteers collecting ppt slides on the day of the conference, please make sure you have the latest version and make sure you have an usb stick. We’d also be happy to upload them if you decide to send the finalized version beforehand.

Transportation and Hotel Recommendations:

Beijing Normal University is inside the third-ring circle of Beijing, and it is rather convenient to commute either through public transportation, or by taxi or by Didi(滴滴), a Chinese equivalent of Uber.

BUS:There are several bus stops nearby, the closest being “Beijing Normal University北京师范大学站”, but “ The Iron Lion Tomb铁狮子坟站” near the east gate of BNU, or “South Gate of Beijing Normal University北京师范大学南门站” are also not far.

SUBWAY: The nearest subway station is “Jishuitan Station积水潭站” on subway line 2. For more information on Beijing Subway, please visit:

HOTEL near BNU are abundant, it is fairly easy to spot nearby hotels at airbnb or trip advisor. You may search for either BNU, or “19 Xinjiekou Outer Street 100875” as the search term. Prices vary, the closer to the tourist attracted Houhai District, the more expensive. However, it may also worth trying for first comers to Beijing. On the other hand, if you are looking for convenience rather than experience, then the chain hotel“Rujia Hotel”is always a safe choice. In terms of chain hotel, “Holiday Inn” is better received than Rujia, and our invited speakers did enjoy the IHG owned Holiday Inn Beijing Deshengmen Hotel. It is very hot, though, and there are indeed other options. Our only advise for hotel would be to take the traffic conditions into consideration, as the busy hour in Beijing is not pretty.

Advise on Visa Application:

There is a step by step guidance on visa application for foreigners on: .

We advise you to apply for the tourist visa(type L). Normally, hotel and airline confirmations are fine. But if you would like an invitation letter, please send a scanned copy of your passport name page , your institutional affiliation and a very short bio to Ms. Wu at, and she will assist you to get a formal invitation letter from Beijing Normal University. The process takes time, so please only consider this if necessary.

Dietary Issues:

If you have any dietary preferences, or if you are a vegan/vegetarian/kosher, please let us know in advance.

Publication Copyright and Conference Language Issues:

We have publication plan for this conference, and will distribute a Form of Consent during the conference session. Please be aware of this form if you are looking for a chance to get your paper published. More info will be disclosed during the conference, but we advise those who want to publish their paper to prepare a draft paper by August 12th and sent it to . We have publication plans for both English and Chinese papers, but please be aware that the conference language will be English and all communications during conference will be in English.

Emergency Contact and Conference Wechat Group:

If you have a WeChat account, please add our student helper Weiyi Liu at 18813049166 and she will add you to the conference WeChat group. Please send a note with “CD2019” as the identification password.